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im sad and i miss you.

see what people don’t get
is that you can be doing okay for
days weeks months
and all it takes is one word, one look,
one wrong thing
and suddenly your body becomes an avalanche,
you become a disaster zone and
winter retakes your soul

and girls like me, we walk around with caution tape around
our fingers, with hearts so heavy that our arms
are sick of dragging them along with us, we are
cities that are constantly in danger
of being set on fire
i mean what if your own mind was the reason
you couldn’t sleep
what if you woke up this morning because your brain was
talking too loudly, what if the only time you feel
good about yourself
is when you feel

and boys like me and people like me and
rabbit-hearted lovers who just want to feel
the morning sun
without wondering if we should start our workouts now, who
just want to hug our families again without
worrying they’ll notice we reek of our own
who just want to go to our friend’s house without
turning down every food offered only to
offend her:
we are so afraid of what will happen -
of what does happen -
when we slip for a second and our control
goes spiraling
so we give into every word the voices in our head
are saying, we give up our thick hair
we give up our strong bones, we give up
calling this body
our home
in search of an image that’s been
sold to us so strongly
we’d give up our everything
just to feel

and broken little human beings like me
we live like tornadoes and too-calm seas,
trapped in a horrific dance between
a beautiful and inspiring recovery and
opening our windows just to feel
the breeze and finding ourselves
stepping out on that ledge,
a deeper hunger in our hearts
than anyone ever sees: this
odd and sudden need
to just become a brittle white
chalk outline
to paint these empty streets.

by For the person who requested a poem about how addicting eating disorders can be. /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)
i could die and you would only be annoyed that i didn’t respectfully ask your permission to do it

"im a 6, shes a 10, shes so fit im inseCURE"

ummmmmm excuse me




r u kidding


idk man i say youre an 11


insecure huh


need i continue


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This is a confession: I didn’t really want to go to your birthday party.

I know that the summer sun treats you well but short sleeves and I don’t usually like each other and besides you’re always the most important person at every event and always talking to a million other people besides me and I just have to stand there and force a smile while patiently waiting the appropriate amount of time before I can make an excuse and leave so instead of being as pumped up as you were I kind of just sighed and steeled myself for another loud and awkward night

but it turned out to be pretty quiet and you and I got nicely tipsy without anyone trying to get us to chug things and we sat on your swingset and talked about the good times and you leaned your head on my shoulder and said “Thank god you came. I love everyone but they wear me out. You’re my only real friend, you know?” and I think those words got me higher than any drug ever could because I couldn’t stop smiling after.

This is a confession: I think that was the night I started to fall in love.

This is a confession: The times when I turned you down and told you I was too tired to go to the movies were usually because I’d been up all night trying to figure out what the fuck was going on in my heart because more and more often I’d find myself stuck on the idea of you as if you were a thorn except the pain was kind of good but at the same time laced with guilt I mean you were my friend and if this was just some dumb crush I could get over it and it wouldn’t even effect what we had but god forbid it got bigger inside of my chest because if it did then I was really in for trouble since that meant I could actually mess things up between us so yes every time you asked me “do you wanna hang today” the answer was always “absolutely” but half the time I had to be like “no say no give yourself time to get over this” it never really worked but I felt like a better friend.

This is a confession: I drop everything I’m supposed to hold onto tight but for some reason no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t lose my grip on you.

By the time we’d spent a year just being best friends I had figured out that maybe I just felt deeper about you than anyone else only because you were the sun to me, you were the reason that I’d be happy, you were what I was looking forwards to no matter what else I had that day so I just assumed maybe that’s what close friends do but

one day you left on vacation and for a solid two weeks I didn’t hear from you because neither of us could afford the roaming charges and those two weeks basically defined everything for me because I’d missed people before but this was nothing like that, this was as if I was missing my other half and when you came back the first and only thing I wanted was to kiss you like crazy and while we were hugging I realized just how fucked I was because my only thought was to say “I missed you, my love” and good god but in that moment did I wish we were something more than just being good friends and

This is a confession: I don’t hug you anymore because I think it’s unfair to you because it means so much more to me. I don’t jokingly say “I love you babe” because I’m afraid my voice will crack and when the words hit the air they will ring with truth. I don’t say stuff like “honey” or “sweetheart” or “darling” around you because you’ve always been able to read me like a book and maybe one of these pet names will actually show you what you mean to me.

This is a confession: I didn’t even want to go to your birthday party. I didn’t want to fall in love with you. I didn’t want to fuck this up because it’s the most important thing in my life and when I inevitably ruin it with my stupid heart and stupid crush and stupid need for you, it’s gonna break me. And last night when we were both drunk and laughing and you were lying beside me I was so close to telling you the truth that I started shaking and when later you whispered “confess something” I almost snapped like a twig into tiny pieces and instead just started laughing and made up something like “I failed my last test” but

This is my confession: I’m never gonna tell you any of this.

by I think I’m in love with my best friend.” /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)